Due to the current Covid 19 outbreak new regulations and guidelines have been implemented by the management following government protocols. In accordance with these protocols our farm has adopted a healthy self controlled plan following these rules:

Article 6 – The Prime Minister’s decree 26th April 2020

Regional guidelines for Marche L.566 of 11/5/2020 DGR 570 of 16/5/2020

With respect for everyone we invite you to please behave as listed below before arrival and whilst staying with us.

Please cancel your booking if you have a temperature (fever) or symptoms of Covid 19. You are also asked to cancel your booking if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive within the previous 14 days.

In the case of contracting Covid 19 during your stay all necessary actions will be taken in accordance with governmental protocol.

Inside our building you will find the appropriate signs and instructions for each individual environment in compliance with the current regulations.

Guests in the living areas

The adoption of measures aimed at avoiding gatherings of several people at the same time is recommended (with exception of people from the same household). We also encourage that guests spend reduced time in the reception area, open spaces and common spaces.

We ask our guests before arrival to send by email, or other means, all the information necessary to register as well as a copy of all identity documents for the group, which will need to be presented on arrival.

In the case of multiple reservations, groups and family groups we respectfully invite the group leader or head of the family to act alone for check-in, check-out and any other procedure where direct contact with the reception is required.

If there is a group that is not from the same family, staying in the same apartment we will require a self certification of cohabitation to be presented on arrival.

In all cases only one person will be allowed to check-in and the remaining guests will be asked to remain in the vehicle or parking area. On completion of check-in all guests will be accompanied to their respective apartments.

During your stay special attention is required to the following points:

The two swimming pools inside the farmhouse are operational, you are asked to respect the signs, take a shower before entering the water, the space that can be used for 4 people (same family) is 10 m2, you are asked to respect the distance of 1m even in water from people who are not of the same family group.

Each apartment will have it’s own reserved named space by the pool with umbrellas and sunbeds. This space must be used for the whole period of your stay and you must not use other apartments areas. Every allocated space is 2 meters from the next so please respect the distance rules.

You must only use your space!

Please comply with all the information regarding the waste disposal of each individual apartment, in particular to the Personal Protective Equipment, which must be disposed of in the general rubbish (indifferenza/yellow bags). Guests are obliged to dispose of all rubbish and unwanted food before their departure so as to guarantee a lower risk to our cleaning staff.

We also ask you to open all the windows of your apartment before checking out in order to have a healthier air circulation before the apartment is cleaned for the next guests.

The independent restaurant is at a distance from the apartments and requires a compulsory reservation. It is also possible to request for meals to be delivered to your apartment but you need to allow for more time.

Inside the restaurant we will respect all the necessary distancing laws. Priority will be given to residents of Tre Querce for outside dining and for those with half board we will try and guarantee the same table every day.

To avoid prolonged contact inside the communal rooms the old information points will have QR Codes where you can download guides relating to our region. These will also be present inside the apartments.

Restaurant Guests.

The booking of a table in our restaurant is compulsory so as to avoid gatherings at arrival time. If not all the booking group arrive at the same time please wait in the car park respecting safe distances.

Family bookings can be placed on the same table, without the 1 metre distancing rule, but the party must have the self certification of cohabitation document.

Group bookings for people living in the same household can be placed on the same table without the 1 metre distancing rule but again they must have self certification of cohabiting with their group.

Group bookings for people who don’t live in the same household must notify the restaurant in advance, so tables can be adjusted to a distance of 1 metre between each diner.

It is required to comply with the safety rules and signs within the restaurant with particular attention to distance and mobility within the same entrance and exit.

Only one person to use the bathroom at a time.

All service, ordering your meal, requests and payment etc, will be carried out at your table.

It is strictly forbidden for restaurant customers to enter the pool and sun areas of the Agriturismo.

It is possible to access the play areas in the garden while respecting safety regulations.

For all additional information please refer to the above legislation or contact Daniele on

0039 3356082620