Live with us………….. the gathering of products.

On our organic farm of about 20 hectares we have the opportunity to live in unspoilt nature.
Surrounded by greenery in the tranquility of a valley Agriturismo Tre Querce can offer it’s guests a natural experience that can change their perception of life.

The natural surroundings allow you to live in an oasis of woods, meadows, streams and footpaths. Encouraging the freedom to explore our senses we can indulge ourselves in our encounters with the pungent scents of majestic trees, intricate and thorny bushes, flowers and fragrant herbs, hear the songs of birds and glimpse insects and other small animals.

On our family run farm you can enjoy the activities of our farming traditions and, depending on the season, it is possible to participate in our agricultural activities. How to sow seeds, care for and harvest our garden, the gathering of wild herbs, picking our fruit, the grapes and our olives and all the transformation processes. You can also take part in the traditional days of passata (tomato sauce) production spent with the family.

Starting from the Farm.

Along the paths and through the meadows you can discover the Salino Stream where you can see a fascinating environment abundant in typical flora and fauna. The Salino Stream itself represents a richness for it’s sulphurous, iodine and bromine mineral waters who’s healing properties were discovered in 1876.

To live in contact with nature is extremely important for our health and well being and to make the most of your stay we offer this walk along the stream to get away from the concrete and technology of modern life. We also practice Yoga and Meditation in our woods and meadows allowing us to be in touch with natures energy.

 The Sibillini mountains offer countless and diverse possibilities. These include walking, trekking and also discovering it’s many treasures and it’s charm too.

There are sign posted itineraries but it is also possible to find competent official park guides who are able to reveal the most hidden secrets of the mountains and it’s paths in a safe environment.

 For more information you can contact the farm or the numerous telephone numbers for the Sibillini National Park.