There are 23 small municipalities in Le Marche that have been awarded the title ‘the most beautiful villages in Italy’. These places, all with their own distinct character, are delightful and charming and extend a warm and friendly welcome to visitors and strangers. Although their human story may be less well known than some the visitor will find they are places rich in history and tradition and have their own fascinating tales to recount. You will also discover that the rich hinterland of Le Marche is dotted with prestigious awards like The Orange Flag and The Green Flag.

Distances from Agriturismo Tre Querce

Servigliano (FM) 11,40 km
Sarnano (MC) 18,10 km
San Ginesio (MC) 24,0 km
Moresco (FM) 40,10 km
Montefiore dell’Aso (AP) 42,20 km
Montecosaro (MC) 45,40 km
Offida (AP) 45,90 km
Treia (MC) 47,40 km
Montecassiano (MC) 48,20 km
Montelupone (MC) 53,50 km
Grottammare (AP) 62,80 km
Cingoli (MC) 64,4   km
Matelica (MC) 69,20 km
Visso (MC) 70,90 km
Offagna (AN) 87,20 km
Corinaldo (AN) 133,0 km